Organizations often struggle to launch key initiatives while maintaining their focus on daily business processes.

We know that growth is imperative, but no company can afford it at the cost of business integrity and ongoing business objectives. Without outside perspective and assistance, teams can potentially become mired in projects and lack the context to make strategic decisions about project management and delivery.

With Perigon Project-based consulting handling your projects, you can stay focused on your core business while essentially transferring project risks (cost and timing) to us. Our team offers the business and technical subject matter expertise to meet the precise needs of our clients.

At Perigon, we have a single-minded passion to providing industry leading services to the Healthcare Payer market. We deliver a customized approach to each of our clients that provides our clients guidance and support to achieve organizational goals. For more than a decade, Perigon has built long-term relationships within the industry by delivering the best client experience in healthcare consulting. We are healthcare professionals just like you. That’s the Perigon difference.

Industry-Leading Practices

Service offerings to achieve your business objectives.

Repeatable methods and leading practices.

An integrated approach with other Perigon service offerings.

Client Focus

Dedicated focus on critical initiatives.

Seamless and flexible integration of methods and tools with focus on delivery and implementation.

Knowledge sharing and collaboration with internal teams.

Implementation & Delivery

Perigon PMO team oversight to ensure on-time, within-budget, and as-promised delivery.

Non-billable delivery director is accountable for monitoring project status, quality, budget, and progress.

Client access to Perigon senior management team reinforces our performance commitment and accountability.

Scalable, Cost-Effective Solutions

Deploy the right consultant or the optimal mix of consultants for each initiative.

Just-in-time approach reduces overall cost of the engagement and supports transparency.